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Wave Gotik Treffen

Wave Gotik Treffen … Are you familiar with this wonderful event?
Unfortunately, due to the busy schedule of work, I can never go there and every year I say “the next one will be the right year!”

This year, as always, during the Wave Gotik Treffen I was at home… but some small part of me was there!

In particular there were two of my headpieces:

The horns of Maleficent who had given with a giveaway.
To my great fortune had won Niha-Cèta,  of the band Other Day, that was in the Wave Gotik Treffen with my horns and you can see here in these photos!

11304351_856225944456528_1438289202_nNiha-Cèta at Wave Gotik Treffen 2015

Niha-Cèta and Mademoiselle Karma at Wave Gotik Treffen 2015

Thank you very very much! I am so proud to have been able to see this horns with such a splendid combination of clothes and makeup!

The second headgear, present at the Treffen, had instead been commissioned especially for the occasion by Zéphirin DJH Mandarin.


I worked in record time to finish this dragon (you can see my work in progress on tumblr) and I hope that Zéphirin DJH Mandarin was satisfied!

Zéphirin DJH Mandarin photo by Dark Lark

Zéphirin DJH Mandarin photo by PHRENETICA Photography & Design

Zéphirin DJH Mandarin photo by Ruffles & Steam

I was happy to see that has been worn during the parade at Viona’s Victorian Village!

Thank you very much to both, because at least this year a part of me was present at this wonderful event … and maybe next year …





Maleficent horns GIVEAWAY!

To thank my first 1,500 followers on FB I opened today a giveaway of my Maleficent horns!
If you are interested you pass on the FBpage:

the contest is open until 15 February!

Thank you all




The winner of the Maleficent Horns giveaway is NihaCéta OtherDay



Maleficent Movie headdress

I was fascinated by the movie “Maleficent” … Angelina Jolie is beautiful and the costumes are fantastic!
It was December, 2013, I began to design a headdress like the movie …


However, I was not sure what material to use for the construction of:
in the images of the movie seemed leather … but perhaps it would be more elegant made ​​in plastazote…

As always in these cases, unable to make up my mind I have constructed two different headpieces, one in faux leather and one in plastazote.

The choice is yours:
Which is the best?