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Warhammer – scout marine’s armor

In 2011 I opened my shop on etsy, but at the beginning I don’t inserted warhammer’s armors that already was building.
I made my first photo shoot of armors (scout marine and adepta Sororitas) in early February of 2012, in the snow.
I do not recall ever having been so cold!
But it was worth it the photos were beautiful and when, after a little of hesitation, I put in my shop, had suffered from a large number of views!

It’s been over three years since then and I have received many orders for armors (warhammer and not).
By the time I changed all the materials, to look for a yield better.
At first, the base was in tatami, now is plastazote.
The covering, which was opaque, now is bright and shiny.
And in fact, covering the old photos, I can also be said to be much improved in carving.
You can see below the new armor model.
Unfortunately there was no snow and perhaps the photos are not as nice as the first but I guarantee you that the result is much better!

Now… someone would say to my boyfriend that I’m the cute with short hair?


Lightning’s armor from Final Fantasy XIII

Last year, a client asked me if it was possible to realize the armor of the character Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

The client was a guy and as a result he wanted armor that was fit for a change of sex of the character.
First I made flatter the breastplate, to give it a more masculine cut,


then together with the customer have decided to turn the skirt of feathers in a cloak that covered only the back to the legs.


For the mantle have been used white goose feathers in large amounts.

In order to achieve the desired effect of a full armor bracelets are composed of two parts: the lower part fastens with straps and above that attaches with Velcro to hide the seams.
This trick has been used for the plaques on his shoulders.

Unfortunately, the color of the armor was very compact, so you can get a better effect metallic shadows that you see have been given by lighter strokes directly on the armature


Here you can see the final result.


I remained quite satisfied … unfortunately I have not had any news of my client, but I hope it was happy with the result as I do, and I heartily thank him for giving me this interesting project commissioned!