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Staff inspired by Skyrim’s Dragon priest staff


What happens when your sister asks you:
<< Please build me a long LARP stick!>>
and a friend, promptly, suggests as decoration on stick top the Skyrim’ s dragon?

I think… I’m trapped!

Obviously I had to make some changes, eliminating the curvature and changing the details because the weapon must be able to pass through security and be sturdy and able to fight.

Here you can see the project:

Today, the work of carving is at this point…

and after the craving, here is the color.
Gold, always to great effect!

And here there are some photos…

Now in my shop!

And if you are interested in a club like this but I would like identical to the original for a cosplay, do not hesitate to contact me!
I’ll be happy to work on your project … (even if you’re not my sister!)